It’s a big step, bringing the domain name that you wanted.

Now, what are you going to do with it?

To Start, What Are Your Goals? 

There are many reasons behind buying a Domain name; you must have had a clear idea about the reason of purchasing it. The next thing that you’ll be doing is based on which of the next purposes you have in mind.

To Launch a New Website at Your Domain Name

Here are the steps for you to take in order to build a website at your domain.

  1. Purchase website hosting.

Owning the domain and owning the space a website lives on are two different things, but often hosting companies also sell domains. If you got your domain as part of a hosting purchase, then this step is already taken care of.

If not, then finding the right hosting platform and plan is the next thing you need to do.

  1. Load an “In Construction” page.

If your website isn’t ready to launch yet, then the next thing to do is let people know what’s coming. An in construction page can provide a simple teaser to inform any visitors that happen upon your website that, while they’re a little bit early, they will find something great there if they come back later.


  1. Design your site.

Before your site goes live at the domain you’ve registered, you want it to look just right. You can either build a website yourself, which you can expect to take some serious time, or you can hire people to help.

Option A: Build It Yourself

Many hosting companies offer website builders as one of the features that comes with your hosting subscription. Even if you’re entirely new to website design, these make it possible to do it yourself, with some time and work.

Option B: Hire Someone

If you’d rather hand over this part to someone that’s an expert, you can outsource it to a web designer or web design firm.

Once all is done, you’re ready to launch. Your website can be uploaded to the hosting plat form using an FTP client or the file manager in cPanel.

To Treat Your New Domain as an Investment

Domain investing became harder after the internet’s spread. But purchasing a domain that will generate interest, gives you the ability to resell it at a profit.

In order to advertise the availability of your domain, you can:

Put a page at the domain that says it’s for sale

Find sites that help publicize domains for sale

Potential buyers will find you if; you have the idea of what the domain is worth, the name is useful and the price’s right.

To Point it Toward A Finished Site

If you want a second domain that you bought to point to a website you already have, you need to create a parked domain in your cPanel.

A new domain name comes with exciting potential, now you have a chance to do something with it. Go and make the most of your little section of the web.

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