Granted that the reason you fell in love with photography was not so you can build a website and have to deal with hosting companies. In this day and age of numerous social platforms, you could easily be on several platforms displaying your pictures for free. So why would a photographer need a website?

Well, if you think about it, although you can display your photography on many other platforms you have very little control of your photos on those platforms because you don’t own the sites. As important as it is to be on social media platforms, nothing can beat having your own website with your work available and visible 24/7 to your clients and potential clients.

This is the reason why having a website as a photographer is an indispensable tool.

Here are some tips on choosing a domain name and web host that will suit your photography needs;

I) What’s in a name?

First, you need a domain name or your address on the internet if you will to begin with. In fact, you only need one domain name to build your website, but there is no harm in owning several domains too.

Usually, if you choose an unusual domain name like, you might want to have a second domain name like because of the tendency to misspell Maxwell with a single ‘L.’ In the case of a misspelling, it will still lead them to your second domain and be redirected to your site. The primary purpose of this is so you don’t lose business from anyone looking for you.

Although you need not go through the trouble if you don’t see sense in it, it’s a good consideration all the same. You don’t have to build a separate website for every additional domain you choose to have but simply forward the other domains to your website.

II) Does the extension of your domain name really matter

It used to be that the .com extension was the most preferred extension for commercial sites but that has slowly changed overtime as the extension has become less available due to high demand.

But on the same token, there have emerged a whole new generation of domain names that are suited more to designers and creative types like photographers. This includes extension like .guru .photo .camera .photography .space, just to name a few. This extensions are becoming very popular at a fast pace.

As a photographer you don’t need to own too many, however it does you no harm to own all relevant extensions. That way, not only are you easy to find but you have also vanquished any chances of competition that might come close in terms of similarity to your domain name.

III) Site ground for web hosting

Though there are numerous web hosts to choose from, Site ground is a sound choice for photographers. This is primarily because they have great customer service with servers located all over the world. In comparison to other bigger web hosts like Godaddy, you will find them efficient, and they score an A+ in the customer service department. This could be because they are smaller and can give due attention to their customers.

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