Built In Desks and Furniture for Small Spaces

hlujbjNo matter the size of your property, optimizing the space you have can be a challenge. In smaller properties, however, the lack of available space can become an especially difficult problem. While you can go the route of limiting the amount of things you put into each room or simply deal with a large amount of clutter, built-in furniture is an option that will save valuable floor space, while letting you keep the room fully functional.

Murphy Beds and Loft Beds
Aside from adding a unique look to a room, built-in furniture like Murphy and loft beds can truly make the difference between a bedroom that’s way too small, and one where everything has a place. Loft beds and Murphy beds can often be fitted with a mattress of your choosing, and can make a huge difference in a cramped space. These kinds of beds, since they are designed to save space, are often fitted with other features such as cabinetry or desks.

Built-In Desks
You don’t need a home office or a spare room to set up a pleasant

The Beauty of Built In Furniture

gjgtkjmWhen most homeowners think of built-in furniture, bookshelves and cleverly disguised storage spaces come to mind. The truth is the sky’s the limit when it comes these space saving designs. Kitchen nooks, beds, built in desks, and entertainment centers are just a few of the innovations that built in furniture can bring to your home. If you’ve got a nook, cranny or even an entire wall that you’d like to transform into a more useful space, there’s a craftsman out there who can help you turn your dream into reality.

Saving Space
Perhaps the most attractive feature of this innovative furniture is how it utilizes space that normal building practices ignore. Your home is full of underutilized space: between walls, rooms, beneath stairs, under beds, around the fireplace, you name it. It’s understandable, of course. For the unenlightened homeowner, the idea of adding stand alone furniture to these areas just means more clutter and less living space. The beauty of built-in furniture, however, is that it takes advantage of these overlooked spaces and transforms them into valuable areas in the home without drastically taking away from the open space

Weigh your Options with Solarium Furniture

b vkyhkjChoosing the right solarium furniture is a tougher task than it sounds. The right solarium and conservatory furniture depends a lot on the design and formality of the sunroom you’ve had built onto your home. And because design can vary from a simple straight eave sunroom to an elaborate Victorian conservatory, there aren’t any set formulas to follow when it comes to outfitting your new sunroom addition with the proper solarium furniture.

How Formal is your Solarium?
Sunrooms can cover a wide range of designs, from closed in patios to luxurious home additions. Honestly, evaluate what type of sunroom you have, and that will give you a head start as to what type of conservatory furniture is going to work best for you. Do you need a wrought iron patio table and matching chairs, or is a formal oak dining set a better match? Believe it or not, both of these options can be the perfect fit, depending on the nature of the structure you’ve built and the types of solarium furniture that catch your fancy.

How do you Use your Sunroom?
Another way to

Tiny House Interior

First of all, we must keep in mind to plan for the needs as well as the extra comfort we are all used to. For instance, how about planning to have that dream pantry slide-out within the kitchen area or near? We are willing to downsize, however, why not do it smartly! Here are many options to keep within your planning:

  • over-the-door organizer baskets for the bathroom
  • jewelry and makeup storage cabinet that closes and brings a mirror when closed
  • love seats with storage underneath
  • sofa/futons that bring drawers
  • ottomans with spacious storage
  • small home office storage ottomans
  • benches with storage
  • over-the-door shoe organizers
  • folding tables
  • drop leaf tables
  • floating desks
  • folding chairs
  • wall mounted beds
  • credenza hide away beds
  • lift up beds with storage underneath
  • over the toilet organizing cabinet
  • small corner cabinets
  • storage baskets or bins
  • sleeper chairs that fold out

Second, if you plan to have a loft but find it too tight to sleep up there, instead think about using it as extra storage space by using large plastic containers for out of season clothing, sports or camping gear. It can also serve the double duty of an office space, as while you are sitting down working on a desk, your head space should be adequate. Installing a wall bed on the first floor will provide

Energy Efficient Windows: Materials Considerations

EnergyOne of the most frequent reasons for windows replacement or renovation is to improve energy efficiency of them and the house in general. Modern windows have significantly improved a great variety of features to help you reach the set goal. According to Richmond Hill windows experts exactly the variety of new makes, models, kinds, and styles of options available become pretty overwhelming for the customers. A couple of decades ago it way very easy to choose windows because the choice was very limited, whereas now you will need to make you own research if you want to purchase the right product. In this article we would like to talk about the main windows materials available today, their advantages and fields of the most efficient use. So read on and start your own renovation project!


Wooden windows are the oldest options of windows existing on the market. Experts in windows Richmond Hill say that in fact these windows remain one of the most energy efficient options existing today. Wooden windows are mostly used for historical buildings renovations and can come in

Why New Doors Can Save You Money

The front door to your home does more than to just keep the wind and the burglars out. In many ways, to anyone approaching, it’s the face of your home. To both visitors and potential buyers, the kind of door that your home presents is an important part of the impression that they come away with.

There’s another reason to think of your front door — if yours is been hanging in there for a long time, it’s likely built to old, inefficient standards. As a large uninsulated surface, your door is a serious area of thermal leak, wasting large quantities of your internal heat in winter. According to the EPA, switching to Energy Star-certified doors, windows and skylights can shave 12% off your energy bills.

When Is the Right Time?

According to the National Association of Homebuilders, as long as the gaskets, seals and weather stripping on doors are replaced once every five years for thermal integrity, the main structure of an outside-facing door typically lasts between 25 and 30 years. If you need to know if your door is beyond help, you can easily buy a thermal leak detector for a few dollars,

What Parents Should Know About Bunk Wall Beds

In smaller homes, children having to share a room is a reality. In many cases, the lack of space in these small rooms can be remedied with bunk beds, allowing the kids to have more space. However, space can be a serious issue for some families, so much so that a regular set of bunks takes up too much space. That is when bunk wall beds come in. Just like regular Murphy beds, these are comprised of two twin-sized frames and mattresses that fold up and out of the way. This leaves plenty of room for the kids to play during the daytime hours.

For parents who are considering bunk wall beds, there are a few things to be aware of including the following:

Age of the children. Most manufacturers recommend that kids sleep in these at the age of twelve or older because they are high from the floor. However, this is only a recommendation and parents can determine when their children are ready.

It may take some time to become accustomed. Going from a normal twin to bunk wall beds is an adjustment for kids. They may be afraid of being up high. This is why it is important to install

Garage Door Springs: Steps for Replacement

When people have some troubles with garage doors, the most possible reason for that are problems with torsion springs and the necessity of their replacement. Whether you decide to perform the project yourself or hire a professional there are common steps for such process and in the article below you will learn the tips for torsion springs replacement.

Step 1 – First of all take care of your safety and always remember that torsion springs replacement is a pretty dangerous enterprise. Make sure that you collect and have close to you all the right tools in order not to add safety problems to already existing once. And finally, the next step will be connected to actual replacement of the existing springs from the doors.

Step 2 – Before you unplug the garage door cord make sure that you close the door first. It is better to keep the doors closed in order to avoid detrimental cause to the door and any possible avoid physical injury. If you have old garage doors then you should remove the fuse first, otherwise, flip the circuit breaker. After that you can easily remove the opener from the doors. Again, if you have older models of the

Tips To Help Decide Which Color To Paint Your House

The choice of color you make is very subjective. Some people like very strong, vibrant colors, while others prefer much more muted ones. When you are painting your house interior, you will want to discuss the proposed color scheme with others who share your home, including your children.

You may be somewhat more limited on what you can do with the colors outside your house. Your neighbors may not be too happy if you create something that you regard as exotic. To them, it could make your home an eyesore. It is probably best to choose a color scheme that blends in with other homes nearby.

Unless you are giving your home a complete makeover, remember to choose colors that will not clash with your existing furnishings, carpets and curtains. If you are uncertain about the effects that certain colors will have, get some samples. Get a plain piece of wood or cardboard. Paint your sample on to that. Hold that up against the area you are planning to paint in that color. That way, you can see if it’s going to work.

If you plan to get a contractor in to do

Why Furnished Apartments are the Better Choice

Whether you are a young worker looking for your very first apartment or a recent retiree looking for a simpler lifestyle, there are many reasons to consider a furnished apartment when you go shopping. Many apartment shoppers make the mistake of considering only unfurnished apartments, but in the end renting a furnished apartment is often the better choice.

It does not matter if you are planning to live in Phoenix AZ or Detroit MI. No matter where you plan to live or how long you plan to be there, you should be looking at furnished apartments when you head out.

While there are a great many advantages to renting a furnished apartment, simplicity may be the most important. If you choose an unfurnished apartment, you can expect to spend the next two to three weeks (or more) shopping for furniture, arranging for delivery or pestering your friends to borrow their truck yet again. When you rent a furnished apartment, you can move right in and start exploring your new neighborhood. Instead of spending your first night dealing with movers and picking out end tables, you can go to dinner with friends and start checking

Six Benefits of a Pool Fence

A fence is something every homeowner should have around their pool. Not only are you protecting yourself, children, and pets, but you protect pets and children in the neighbourhood. In addition, you protect yourself from liability claims. Take a look at the benefits of having a pool fence in more detail below.

Enhances Safety for Children and Pets

While a pool fence will not be child or pet proof, it will provide a layer of protection for pet or child when there is a lapse in supervision for a few moments. Pool fencing in Mandurah gives you additional time to find a child before there’s an unexpected accident. A young child can go over the pool barrier if it’s too low or the barrier has any type of footholds for climbing. Pool fences should be 4 feet high, but 5 feet is preferable. If you’re purchasing a mesh fence, be sure it has a self-closing, self-latching pool gate for added safety and convenience.

Reduces Incidences of Accidents

Investing in a pool fence will reduce the odds of an accident happening in your backyard pool. Drowning is the second largest cause of death

Decorate Your Home With A Natural Berber Rug

Add a little artistic flair to your decor with a Moroccan Berber rug. These handwoven creations are a simple yet unique way to improve the look of any room. Whether you prefer a modern or traditional style of decorating, these rugs provide a nice accent to both simple and ornate furniture designs. A handwoven Moroccan rug lets you create a warm, inviting environment in an instant.

For many centuries, Moroccan tribes have handcrafted decorative Berber and Beni Ourain rugs. Each generation learns the skilled technique of rug weaving from the elder members of the tribe. The rugs are made from high-quality authentic wool that maintains its beauty over time. A typical Beni Ourain rug can feature a neutral shade of white or beige adorned with a darker design pattern like the ones found here.

Though every Beni Ourain tribe tends to have their own distinctive style of weaving, the majority of rug designs contain basic geometrical shapes and patterns. Diamonds and triangles are very popular among Moroccan Berber rug designs. The thickness of the rug is often an indicator of where it was made. Tribes that reside in the Atlas mountain region of Morocco are well-known for their quality Beni Ourain

Furniture Repair: Bring It Back to Life

Any time you’re talking furniture-repair, there’s a wide range of potential projects that arise. Some of these projects there are simple, DIY, fix-it projects that can take care of the problem. For more significant issues, you’ll want to get in touch with an experienced furniture repair company to bring your old and worn furniture back to life.

A Few Easy Fixes
How much you’re willing to try to repair your furniture on your own depends a lot on how much the damaged piece means to you in the first place. Nicks, scratches, and loose legs on a set of chairs you picked up at a garage sale are a different animal than that solid oak table and chair set that has been passed down through your family for generations. If you’re willing to experiment some on your furniture, here’s a few things to try before you call the pros:


  • To cover up scratches, gouges, and nicks in a finish, use a like colored crayon, filler stick, or touch up marker to hide the blemish. If you’re a real go-getter, consider re-finishing old furniture all together.
  • For sticky drawers that run on wood slides, apply a paste wax to the drawer and the slide

Wrought Iron Furniture for Your Patio and Home

The most common wrought iron furniture is wrought iron patio furniture. Beautiful, decorative, and sturdy, wrought iron will hold up to the elements and remain as elegant as ever. True wrought iron is becoming rare. The contemporary replacement is a form of mild steel that looks and acts very similar to wrought iron. In fact, ornamental ironwork, whether mild steel or pure wrought iron, can be still be referred to as wrought iron.

Customized Wrought Iron Furniture
The process of creating wrought iron requires hand-crafted precision. Even when you buy a piece of wrought iron furniture from a manufacturer’s brochure, an artisan still has to go through the same process as if this was the first time the chair had ever been created. You can draw your own design for your wrought iron furniture if you like. The point here is that having your wrought iron furniture designed just for you shouldn’t cause the price to suddenly skyrocket. Some companies will even trademark your furniture specifically for you, guaranteeing your furniture is one of a kind.

Recently, the ability to machine iron or mild steel into a wrought iron appearance has made this type of material more economical. Wrought means “to work,”

Carpet Runners Rescue and Revive Floors

Since floors get trampled all the time, eventually it will need some kind of maintenance: resealing, refinishing, or patching up troubled areas. This is especially true with stairs: whether you have wood or carpet, staircases get the brunt of the burden because people move up and down them all day long. However, before getting to the point of replacement or refinishing, the easiest way to maintain your floors is with prevention. And by installing carpet runners, you will be able to protect floors against all those pummeling feet.

Remove Repairs
One of the best reasons to invest in a carpet stair runner is to reduce the wear and tear that these highly-active areas receive. By adding another layer of flooring on top of your original surfaces, you’ll be able to prevent carpet from deteriorating and your wood floors from scuffing. In the long run, not only will this preserve your flooring, it will also cut down on your overall maintenance costs since these facade surfaces are not only absorbent but easily washable as well. And although it’s always a good idea to have your family and guest take their shoes off at the door, we all know this policy is impossible

Shopping for an Outdoor Furniture Cover

You’d think shopping for furniture covers for your outdoor furniture would be pretty straightforward. That’s not necessarily the case. There are, in fact, a number of things you’ll want to consider before your making your purchase to ensure your new outdoor furniture cover will keep your furniture looking brand new as long as possible.

Make Sure It’s Thick Enough to Keep Out UV Rays
While harsh weather certainly takes its toll, the biggest threat to outdoor furniture is actually the sun. Harmful UV rays fade colors, turn some materials dry and brittle, and can degrade fabrics. That being the case, it’s important that you purchase an outdoor furniture cover that is thick enough to eliminate sun damage altogether.


Nesting Tables 3 in 1 Furniture

Have you ever seen those Russian stacking dolls where one set of figurines rests inside another, diminishing in size as they reach towards the middle? This is the concept behind nesting tables, which usually consist of three differently sized tables, each one just small enough to literally nest underneath the other. Typically small to begin with, these stylish tables often incorporate a sleek, modern design and have become quite trendy in the last few years. And though they can certainly be functional to some degree, they are more often than not intended for their looks and aesthetic appeal.

Chic Sticker Shock
We all want to keep up on the latest trends. We want to stay hip and fashionable. But this always comes with a price. Nesting tables are no exception. They’re beautiful and elegant, but since they’re mostly decorative and uniquely designed, they also come with a hefty price tag. They can run anywhere from $100-$400 depending on their size, shape, intricacy, and material. However, you don’t want to think about these items as just tables to rest decorations upon. Instead, they are the decoration itself; they act as much as part of the décor as any other ornament or knick-knack.


Refinishing Furniture

Many homeowners are familiar with the scenario of having wood furniture that would be beautiful if not for the countless scratches, dents, and dings in the finish. Similarly, classic wood furniture that has lost a bit of its original charm due to poorly applied paint or stain may also spend its time in storage rather than on display in your home. Thankfully, furniture refinishing can make old, scarred furniture look new or different. It can involve removing paint and exposing the grain of the wood, changing the color of the furniture to be lighter or darker, altering the hue of the finish to make one piece match another, and/or simply finishing raw, untreated wood.

The term furniture refinishing also applies to painting furniture and applying “faux” finishes, which is the use of special paint, glazes, and techniques to make furniture look like a totally different material such as marble, crackled paint, etc.

Traditional Furniture Refinishing
Refinishing furniture generally starts with performing any necessary repairs, such as re-gluing loose parts or peeling veneer, replacing broken or cracked pieces, etc. Then the piece is stripped of old paint, stain, varnish and/or other finishes. It may be bleached to lighten the wood or remove stains,

Baby Crib Repair and Building

Baby cribs are the first permanent bedding your baby will sleep on. It’s a very important piece of furniture, especially for new parents. Of course, new parents also don’t have a ton of expendable resources. You might be able to get the baby’s grandparents to purchase a new crib, but you may have a friend, neighbor, or family member who has a crib up for grabs. Alternately, you may have certain circumstances that require special considerations for your crib. Whatever your situation, these are some of your options for finding the baby crib that’s best for you.

Baby Crib Repair
If your family has an ornate, antique baby crib you might be interested in using this family heirloom for your baby crib. Antique furniture tends to hold up extremely well over time, but this piece may still require some baby crib repair. Even if the crib is in good condition, you may want to have it inspected. Minor flaws can expose a wood crib enough to create splinters. The last thing you want your new baby to do when he or she is first able to stand up in the crib is to lodge a splinter in his or her hand.

Elegant Dining Room Set Ideas

In many modern households, eating occurs all over the place. Kitchens, living rooms, and even bedrooms are often where meals happen on a daily basis, while the dining room is reserved for special occasions. When it’s time to pull out the fine china and silverware, it’s nice to have a dining room set that will look just as good.

The Basic Dining Room Set
The most simplistic dining room furniture set is nothing more than a table and a few chairs. If the room is small, that’s probably all you want in it. The most important aspect of a nice meal is having enough room for everyone present to be comfortable. When dealing with limited space, the best way to get elegance is to keep it simple.

For small rooms, a dining room set is much easier on the budget than it would be for a large room. Since there are fewer pieces of furniture to purchase, many people don’t mind paying a little extra for each item. In this case, quality is preferable to quantity.

Formal Dining Room Furniture Sets
A formal dining room set can be rather expensive and will definitely require a descent amount of space. However, for those with

Beauty and Simplicity of Shaker Style Furniture

If you like furniture with lots of curves and ornate decoration, then you’re barking up the wrong tree with shaker furniture. Unlike furniture styles that attempt to win you over with fancy millwork and detailed carvings, Shaker style furniture is known for exactly the opposite: its simple, utilitarian design. On the other hand, it’s exactly that modest, yet beautiful, look of shaker furniture that is responsible for making it so popular with American homeowners and designers alike.

Shaker Style Furniture: a History
Shaker furniture has changed little since it’s inception in the late 1700’s by a Christian denomination (the Shakers) that stressed beliefs of simplicity and efficiency. Their furniture reflected their values, as did their high level of craftsmanship. The resulting designs were functional, well built, and beautiful in their understatement. Those same traits remain the trademarks of shaker style furniture to this day, and spotting quality shaker furniture is simply a matter of knowing what to look for.

Shaker Furniture 101
If you’re interested in decorating your home with shaker style furniture, there’s several building styles and design elements you’ll want to get up on your radar screen. The first thing to look for is straight, uniform lines. You won’t find